My Concerns on Oceanside City Council Districting

My concerns over Oceanside City Council Districting caused me to draft a letter to the city which I would like to share:

I am concerned about the transition to city council district elections. I could not find the answer to my question online and wanted to ask: how is it possible to implement city council districts with incumbents who were elected generally? Naturally won’t this almost certainly cause at least one district if not more to have no representation for at least one term? The only ways I can see to avoid this are to stagger the implementation giving incumbents general authority and re-elected or newly elected members district authority, or to have members represent a district in which they don’t reside. Furthermore I fear the district policy will hurt the people by not allowing them to speak with another council member regarding an issue in their district if their district council member has already rejected the notion. Finally, doesn’t this reduce the amount of people who can run for office from all qualified residents to those who randomly live in a to be drawn district which is assigned to an incumbent up for 2018 election? If so, how can people campaign without knowing if they’re eligible to run?