Announcing my intention to seek public office

Are you tired of a two party system & partisan gridlock? Whether you’re liberal or conservative, I ask you to join a new movement to improve the efficacy of our government and to also hold it accountable for its promises, its blessings, and its faults. If you believe that members of government should be able to have effective dialogue while still maintaining a professional temperament in order to effectively serve those who have elected him or her; if you believe that government should reach across party lines in order to best serve YOU and NOT solely focus on political job security and securing a next term; if you believe the best days in this city, in this state and in this country are AHEAD and NOT behind US; if you want your government to work to make sure that YOUR needs become their own; if you want to both brighten and secure the future of our posterity; if you want to help keep America safe while protecting our “unalienable rights”, then I ask you to consider me as your future public servant.

I am establishing an exploratory committee in order to look into the possibility of my future public service. Within the next couple of weeks, I will be looking into my options and deciding whether or not to run for the position of Oceanside City Council in this upcoming election (2016), or if I should instead focus on running for membership to the California State Assembly (76th District) in 2018. I have also entertained the notion of running for the California State Senate (36th District) as well as the United States House of Representatives (49th District).

My website is currently under construction and I have not yet created a “public figure” page. As such, I will communicate primarily via my personal Facebook account for now.

If you support me I ask you to LIKE this message (and potentially SHARE it). I will then be able to update you on the status of my potential campaign. Please feel free to COMMENT with whatever you think is wrong with government and needs fixing. I want to hear your thoughts.

No man or woman should ever vote against his or her conscience. I ask not that you decide to vote for me now, I only ask for your consideration and willingness to review my policies once I release them; Only then do I ask you to decide if I will receive your support and vote.

With all sincerity and the warmest regards,
Connor Fabiano